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3-part internship video series

You got your first internship this upcoming summer. The benefits of an internship are well known – real world experience, a potential job upon graduating, etc… Yet, you may be asking yourself: how do I prepare for this new and all important experience?

Our internship prep video series will give you tips for preparing before the internship, how to engage with the people you’re working with, and what to do and not do at your internship.

Part 1: What To Do Before Your Internship

Anyone that has ever had an internship can think of a number of things they wish they knew beforehand. In this video, we give tips on what to do before you start your internship. Little things such as knowing about the company/agency, your commute, how to dress, and what your expectations are will help immensely before you step foot on the job.

Part 2: How To Engage With Your Mentor And Group

One of the best parts of an internship is having a mentor, a professional in the field, to guide you through your internship project and the early stages of your career path. In this video, we share tips to start and sustain a professional relationship with your mentor and their colleagues.

Part 3: What To Do And Not Do At Your Internship

Aside from doing great work, what makes a standout student intern? In this video, we provide tips from former Argonne student interns and their scientist mentors on what do and not do at your internship.

Selecting a Graduate School Program

Beginning the migration to graduate school can be a daunting task. There are a number of different factors at play when choosing the right school, program, and specialized field for you. In this video, we cover the difference between a Master’s degree and Ph.D., methods to help your school search, and provide a timeline for the application process.

Networking at a Professional Event

We all communicate and exchange information and ideas regularly. Strategic communication and information/idea exchange for professional gain is networking. In this video, we explain what is and isn't networking. We also provide tangible strategies for you to use at your next professional event.

Branding Yourself

Social media is a part of modern day life, and makes communication easy among friends, family, and colleagues. At the same time, maintaining a good online reputation is important as you transition from student to professional in the field. In this video, we explore several general strategies for a more professional approach on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.