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The DOE's Argonne National Laboratory.

Develop career - skills that help transition from undergrad to grad school to career in STEM

Lessons from - the field on possible career pathways and uses of a STEM degree

Events - Argonne educational webinars, science talks, and online chats

About The LSMCE Argonne Partnership

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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) is a Department of Energy Laboratory with a longstanding history conducting basic, applied science and engineering research. The laboratory features a collection of world class researchers that use multidisciplinary approaches to solve problems in areas such as clean energy, environmental change, and security. Argonne is well-known for its state of the art user facilities. User scientists from universities, industry, other national laboratories, and from across the globe are able to carry out innovative experiments otherwise not possible. Cutting-edge tools and collaborative work environments are what allow ANL to be a continued leader in scientific research. Argonne’s role in the LSMCE partnership is to provide an online learning center for students to explore careers, develop professional skills and gain access to world-class facilities and experts. These resources will come in the form of webinars, career pathways, career skills, science highlights, and events.