NIU Student Highlight

Blessy Johnson is a junior transfer student at NIU, majoring in Biology with a minor in Psychology.  She was born in Saudi Arabia, moved to India at the age 13 for her high school studies, and immigrated to the U.S. two years ago to pursue her college career.  As a part of the Research Rookies program, Blessy works alongside her mentor, Dr. David Valentiner in the psychology department, whose current research involves Shyness Mindset Intervention which aims to aid individuals with a high shyness mindset and social anxiety.

“The research experience that I have gained through a very short period of time has ena14-Blessy_Johnsonbled me to redefine learning.  I have gained immensely rich experience in reading, analyzing and writing skills. I have learned to ask questions and seek answers. I have also learned to be patient while obtaining the data/ results.  Through this research I have made strong connections with my mentor and other esteemed members within and beyond the Psychology department.”                                     -Blessy Johnson

Blessy’s future ambitions are to attend graduate school to become a Physician’s Assistant.  She also aspires to become a motivational speaker for teenagers and college students.  She is passionate about encouraging others to realize that anything is possible if they just believe.


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