Hope for the STEM Future

“A minute change in many places can change the world.”  This quote summarizes a key expectation of KIPNspire Group – an organization where “Knowledge Is Power.”

The mission of KIPNspire is to “improve the lineage of minority, female, and under-served professionals with a focus on STEM fields.”

Brian Thomas, is the founder of KIPNspire and believer in its lofty mission. His career has included working for Fortune 500 businesses, graduating from a leadership development program, managing and leading teams to produce over $200M in sales, and international business travel.

With achievements like these, what did he decide to do?  “I've stepped away to pursue my calling toward educating and motivating our next generation of STEM leaders.” In the spring of 2014, he founded the organization KIPNspire.


Dr. Brian Thomas

Thomas – who claims that a high school robotics competition changed his life – never had the hunger for academics, though he had the high grades.  “I didn’t have a passion outside the baseball diamond,” he says.  What it took was his robotics team alongside his Computer Systems Networking class to nudge him in the STEM direction.  Thomas graduated from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a degree in Technology, but not before he was a two-term President for NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) and a tutor\mentor for STEM.

Now he finds himself founder of KIPNspire and passionate about the future of STEM.  “Sharing knowledge is my life and I know the need is great…”

Brian Thomas understands that he can’t do it on his own, so he is continuously looking for organizations to partner with, such as LSMCE.  In his own words, Thomas is “simply trying to do his part.”

Article courtesy of Jessica Sauer

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