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LSMCE CONNECTIONS: Newsletter, Spring 2014

“A minute change in many places can change the world.” This quotation can be found as a key expectation of the KIPNspire Group – an organization where “Knowledge Is Power.”

Beyond Deficit Perspectives on Minoritized Students in STEM Fields

The Problem Is the Problem The question educators and community leaders are trying to answer is: Why Are So Few Minorities Participating and Graduating in STEM? Historically, well-intended scholars and administrators in pursuit of an answer to this question have asked the same questions over and over, such as “What prevented you…” The bottom line…
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Stop Paying for Failure and Transform Education

Schroeder delivered a rousing keynote address regarding the failing national education system and the successful program he founded and directs, Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP). ANSEP is supported by the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation Program (LSAMP). It is one of the longest sustained Alliances in LSAMP. After unsuccessful attempts to work…
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