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Spotlight Student: Emmanuel Fordjour

“Mind-shattering.”  Few college juniors use that – nor would – use that word to describe their experiences in three short years. For one student, however, that is the exact word used to shortly describe all of the recognition and opportunities he has accumulated over the span of just three years. Spotlight Student Emmanuel Fordjour goes…
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STEM Students in High Demand

[caption id="attachment_3624" align="alignright" width="195"] Dr. Tommie Turner[/caption] The demand for individuals in STEM is ever increasing, and the number of qualified STEM professionals is having a hard time keeping up.  Within minorities, “African Americans compose just 6 percent of the STEM workforce according to a 2013 report by the US Census Bureau” (which can be…
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Hope for the STEM Future

“A minute change in many places can change the world.”  This quote summarizes a key expectation of KIPNspire Group – an organization where “Knowledge Is Power.” The mission of KIPNspire is to “improve the lineage of minority, female, and under-served professionals with a focus on STEM fields.” Brian Thomas, is the founder of KIPNspire and believer…
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