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Hope for the STEM Future

“A minute change in many places can change the world.”  This quote summarizes a key expectation of KIPNspire Group – an organization where “Knowledge Is Power.” The mission of KIPNspire is to “improve the lineage of minority, female, and under-served professionals with a focus on STEM fields.” Brian Thomas, is the founder of KIPNspire and believer…
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Latest Updates from Lincoln!

Assistant professor, Mrs. Stallings took 3 students (Alvin Ransom-technology, Marcus Brockenstedt-CIS, and Roosevelt Stallings-CS) in early June to a one-week Engineering  Workshop at the Kansas City Honeywell Engineering Plant.  This was arranged through the MSIPP (Minority Serving Institute Partnership Program) Consortium Ardell Miller, pre-engineering major attended a two-week internship (July 14-24) at the Hampton University…
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