Biosciences Preview Weekend at University of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison will host a Biosciences Opportunities Preview (BOPS) Weekend on September 20-23, 2018. This is a great all-expenses-paid opportunity for prospective students to learn about opportunities in biological science graduate programs at UW-Madison. UW-Madison is a world-class university with many opportunities for graduate study. Approximately 146 programs offer masters degrees and 110 programs offer doctorate degrees. UW-Madison is one of the largest bioscience research institutions in the nation; ranking in the top 20 of all research programs worldwide for NIH funded biomedical research. It is a leader in stem cell research and in the top 10 for bioscience research in the nation. For more information on the BOPS preview weekend opportunity please see the attached or visit the program website at:

The application to apply is now available and we strongly encourage interested applicants to apply now as the application will close on July 31, 2018. Please contact us with any questions:

Our campus also hosts a preview weekend for students interested in chemistry and engineering. Here are links to the website for each of those events:

Download BOPS Flyer

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